Below are some of the aid projects we have carried out since 2005. We are now putting all of our efforts and resources into expanding the work of our training schools in Uganda.


  • Cameroon. - Agricultural training programmes for rural farmers.

  • Provision of livestock to assist struggling families in many rural communities, i.e

    Cows; pigs; goats; chickens and hens.

  • Tailored small business enterprise targeted at providing an income for widows and single mothers.

  • Building wells to provide clean water to rural communities.

  • Cameroon - short term medical missions with teams from UK and USA.


  • Ministry to those suffering from leprosy - preaching the gospel, praying for those affected with leprosy and taking various forms of aid into the leper centres.

  • Distributing bibles and teaching literature.

  • Building wells - providing clean water to rural communities.

  • School building project in Bhimavram.