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Philip Lotimong is the Director of Aflame - Uganda. He is currently working through the official paperwork in order to register the ministry there.

Ugandan born Philip has spearheaded evangelism and training programmes with Aflame for several years. He is a also a church leader and church planter. He works tirelessly alongside other leaders and ministries in order to reach as many people with the gospel as possible.

In 2012 whilst visiting the UK, the Holy Spirit gave Philip and Janice a joint mandate to go into northern Uganda with the gospel. We could not do this alone and are thankful for the many ministries who have also taken up the challenge to reach the Karamajong people. What has been achieved since then and continues to spread has  been nothing less than remarkable.

As a native of Karamoja himself, Philip carries a fire to reach other Karamajong. The people from this  once war torn part of Africa have witnessed so much blood shed through tribal wars as well the infamous atrocities of 'the lord's resistance army.'

Numerous churches have been planted; hundreds of native people saved and there is ongoing training and equipping of church leaders.

The Vision

In 2018 we began facilitating training and equipping young leaders and future leaders. Bringing youth from many parts of Uganda to a training centre in Mbale. 

We are now building on this and have a vision to eventually own a piece of land on which to build a purpose built training centre and ‘house of prayer.’

Our vision is that this will be a centre of healing and restoration of hearts as well as training and equipping for ministry, The majority of young people who come have survived major traumas and instability in their young lives.

We are raising up sons and daughters in the Kingdom.