The bride is awakening.

Dear friends

As an evangelist I never fail to thrill at the sight of people turning their hearts towards Jesus.

My two mission goals are

  To train and equip many more missionaries and evangelists in their home lands, and to awaken the bride to her destiny.

The great commission and the great preparation!

In 2016 I had a life changing encounter, when I experienced the love of Jesus as the Bridegroom King. Not only did this encounter dramatically affect me personally, but it also led to a shift in the emphasis of what and how I would minister in the future. 

My heart was awakened not only to a deep love for my Bridegroom King, but also a deep love for His bride. The message of the bride began to burn within me, and as I have shared and taught on this over the last twenty months or so the fruit has been truly incredible. I am witnessing the  flame of first love  being reignited, as well as renewed hope in God's people. The more I share this message the more His love burns within my heart and the more I am determined to 'shout it out!' 

'It is time to prepare ourselves as His bride.'  Rev 19:7


What would your life look like if you cultivated a lifestyle of partnering with the Holy Spirit?

I believe the greatest outpouring of God's power and love has been reserved for the generation living at this time. Are you hungry for more? Do you desire to be overflowing with spiritual life?

Lets cultivate such a place of intimacy with God the Holy Trinity that we become a  demonstration of who God is to an increasingly troubled world. It is time to arise and shine as never before. What worked well in the last season may not serve well in this season. This is my personal passion and the journey that I am on to discover a life lived in synergy with the Spirit of God.

 lets not settle for mediocrity in our spiritual lives, He has so much more for us.



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